Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Lily Bracelet - by Chloé

Bow, leather, bracelet, gold, and Chloé. 
Oui, I'm in love :)

*adding this to me Christmas wish list riiiight now*

Nail Post - Sparkles and Caviar

Aldo: Spiked bracelet, Butter and Sctoch: The Aurora Bracelet, 2 of 3 of the Cai Bracelet

Just a quick nail post today. I've been super busy (still) with my Butter and scotch line of arm candy. I have been meeting with a lot of local shop owners to promote/sale my collection and I already have 3 stores lined up. I also have a meeting with Vogue and Teen Vogue next month as well. I'm so nervous, the thought of that alone is enough to give me an ulcer.

The top and bottom picture is exactly the same style of nail painting, just different colours. I love this style because it makes your eyes dart from one finger to the other. Another new nail candy I've been sporting lately is the Caviar Manicure. The Ciate product is a little pricy of me to spend when I can find something more reasonably priced. I was able to make my own concoction of caviar manicure micro beads.

Caviar Manicure - Some like it Girly - Avaliable at Petit Bijoux Boutique

They really jazz up your hands and glam up any plain nail colours. Have you tried the Caviar Manicure trend yet?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Office attire

A year ago, I found myself a nice office/charity-type of job where I feel I could finally display my style. The eight years before that, I wore a white lab coat every single day at work. I have many pretty shirts, tops, pants.... oh you name it.... with no time to shine. Now, I can proudly show them off :)

My personal style is comfort meets classic style. I love my boots, ballet flats, tights or leggings and cardigans. I love everything with a comfy stretchy and super soft fabric - who doesn't :T I do wear skinny jeans from time to time but they have to be super stretchy.

Once in a while, I will doll myself up with a pencil skirt + blazer. When I say once in a while I mean when there is a big meeting with the bosses ;)

From left to right:
Pic1- Joe Fresh: gold cardigan, Asos: cable shirt, American Apparel: tights, Aldo: boots, Prada: bag.
Pic2: H&M: scarf and purple cadi, American Apparel: tights, Marc by Marc Jacobs: flats, Stella and Dot: renegade bracelet (in gold), Petit Bijoux: Fresh water pearl and 14K evil eye bracelet handmade by me.
Pic3: Winners: black and white stripped cardi, H&M: shirt, H&M: tights, Aldo: boots.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Black Friday....SALE sale SALE!

Do I have your attention yet? :) Well, I'm having a sale.

That's right ladies!!!

I'm having an additional 15% off everything in BOTH stores. Yes, even on sale items!!
---> Use coupon code SAVE15OFF at checkout <---

My etsy stores:

A small preview of my items:

Featuring  Butter and Scotch arm candy collection. You can find them here.
*Worn and styled by @julishawl on instagram

The Chiara Bracelet

The Beautiful Nadia Bracelet

The Christie Bracelet

The Aurora Bracelet

You can find more of the Butter and Scotch collection here.

Adorable iPhone 5 cases

Can you find the above items and other adorable handmade goodies in my Petit Bijoux Boutique on Etsy.

Happy shopping!

What's in My Bag?

My 'What's in my bag' post is long over due. I don't even remember if I have ever posted one on here before. I'm the type of person to be always changing my bag to match my outfit or shoes. But lately, I can't seem to separate with my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. So without further adieu (and before I switch bags again), here they are!

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 
3. Headphones
4. USB key
5. Lipglosses - H&M, Christian Dior and some lipgloss from Victoria's Secert
6. Dior eyeshadow palette
7. Tavelling makeup bag
8. Rayban Aviator sunglasses
9. Pens
10. Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet. I'm thinking of getting a smaller sized wallet though. As much as I love this style, it is kinda heavy.
11. Vanilla scented wet wipes from H&M
12. Deodorant

There you have it dolls. So what's in your bag? :)


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Shop - Full of Arm Candies

Oh Harro there. Happy Halloween!!! Everyone is busy putting on their scary makeup and costume - I'm busy opening up another new store on Etsy.


I have designed a whole new collections of bracelets using stainless steel (gold and silver colours, silver collection is coming soon) and Australian crystals. I feel that if I have them on Petit Bijoux Boutique, they will just get drowned with all my other A.D.D creations. This way, it is a lot more organized.

I have to say a lot of work went into Butter & Scotch. From designing the theme to the style of the font and the whole packaging design seems like it would never end. A long two months after - everything finally fit like a finished puzzle and my store offically opened today!


Here is a sneek peek.....

I'm having a grand opening sale on right now - every piece is on sale and FREE SHIPPING to the USA and CANADA. For more information - click here.


First time I got a drink from Starbucks with my name on it. SHOCKING!
Say hello to my sweet weiner dog, Oscar :)

Friday, September 28, 2012