Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nail Post - Sparkles and Caviar

Aldo: Spiked bracelet, Butter and Sctoch: The Aurora Bracelet, 2 of 3 of the Cai Bracelet

Just a quick nail post today. I've been super busy (still) with my Butter and scotch line of arm candy. I have been meeting with a lot of local shop owners to promote/sale my collection and I already have 3 stores lined up. I also have a meeting with Vogue and Teen Vogue next month as well. I'm so nervous, the thought of that alone is enough to give me an ulcer.

The top and bottom picture is exactly the same style of nail painting, just different colours. I love this style because it makes your eyes dart from one finger to the other. Another new nail candy I've been sporting lately is the Caviar Manicure. The Ciate product is a little pricy of me to spend when I can find something more reasonably priced. I was able to make my own concoction of caviar manicure micro beads.

Caviar Manicure - Some like it Girly - Avaliable at Petit Bijoux Boutique

They really jazz up your hands and glam up any plain nail colours. Have you tried the Caviar Manicure trend yet?

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